Car-Themed Online Casino Slots

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With car-themed online casino slots, gamblers and car lovers appear to have found common ground. Slots were always popular in the gambling world when only brick-and-mortar casinos existed. However, with the advent of numerous online casinos in recent years, slot machines have grown tremendously in popularity.

Thanks to the developers, you can now get to make money while enjoying your favorite automobiles via car-themed casinos. Also, with unique car-themed slots that integrate skill and enthusiasm, you get a real-life car experience right in the comfort of your house! You can now visit your favorite online casino today and get to zip around a NASCAR circuit, fill up your historic F1 car, or drive through the empty streets of a city at midnight. Here are our picks for some of the best car-themed slots:

Racing for Pinks

Racing for Pinks is a well-known slot game developed by Microgaming, a reputable developer who creates games for practically every major online casino on the internet. The slot contains 243 pay lines and five reels, making it the online slot with the biggest payouts. It’s a simple game; simply bet on the red or blue side and hope your favorite car wins.

The racing component of the game is attractive as well. It allows you to retain everything you win, even if it’s a vehicle. So, in addition to the enticing bonuses and wager winnings, you can also acquire some game’s classic cars.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

The Drive: Mayhem Multiplier slot is a thrilling 5-reel, 15-pay line, 3-stakes game that allows you to significantly boost your winning possibilities with free spins and multiplier wilds. The line multiplier granted can go up to 120x your wager amount.

This game’s appeal stems from its intensity and stunning aesthetics, which push gaming innovation to new heights. It is also highly accessible to most people, with a minimum stake of £0.15 and a maximum wager of £100.

Good to Go

Also developed by Microgaming, this is a car-themed slot that goes beyond the usual automotive racing. It is based on Formula One and has a five and three-reel system and a nine-row pay-lines game. It also has mini-games that give players another opportunity to earn far more than the stake amount. One other thing that sets this game apart is its fantastic racing features.

Dream Run

Dream run also combines a gambling and racing gameplay feature. This slot has five reels and 25 pay lines, with a multiplier prize of up to 7,500x. You can also get to win extra free spins and multipliers when you win in a race. The intriguing part is that, despite the massive earning potential, you only pay as little as €0,01 per pay line. The game features many excellent features and is suitable for beginners.

Some of the other top car-themed online casino slots include:

  • Monster Wheels
  • Mega moolah 5 reel drive
  • Auto dromo
  • Gumball 3000
  • Green light slot.


There are many more car-themed online casino slots than you could ever think. We’ve gone through a handful of them already. However, you can explore further variations based on your interests. It’s all about the pleasure and the great payouts.

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